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Welcome to Reading University Sub Aqua Club (RUBSAC). Our club was formed over 40 years ago as branch no. 9238 of the internationally recognised British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), the largest scuba diving club in the world. We also provide training for their qualifications.

Each year we train divers old and new and organise dive trips to sites around the UK, as well as warm water diving holidays abroad. In the past destinations have included Isles of Scilly, Plymouth, Cornwall, the Red Sea and Malta.

We have all the kit you’ll need (all the expensive bits) as well as a diving boat (she’s orange and she’s called Bungle II).

Try dives

If you would like to try scuba diving or are interested in one of our courses, take the plunge and give it a go for just £15. An instructor will take you for your dive in a local swimming pool, where you can get a small taste of scuba diving, and you’ll be guaranteed a fun time and of course there are no strings attached. You can then decide to train with us. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Already Qualified?

Already qualified? Learned to dive abroad and want to continue enjoying your newfound love? PADI and all other agencies are welcome. We can cross your qualification over to a BSAC equivalent if need be. Non-students are also welcome, we have many older members!

Interested in joining?

Interested in joining? To join our club / sign up for trips / or to find out more come along to our weekly meetings.

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