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RUBSAC will be hosting a comprehensive range of events during freshers week.

For the year 2012/2013 RUBSAC's membership fees are £50.15 for students and £55.15 for non-students. If you would like to get ahead of the crowd and sign up in advance please do so on the RUSU website here. If you are a University of Reading student remember to select the 'Sub aqua Student Membership' option'.

Membership Type Membership Price Explanation
Social £15.15 Social membership entitles you to one free try dive at a local pool and the opportunity to come on regular social events with the club.
Standard £50.15 Standard membership is for qualified divers and allows you to dive with the club, attend social events, hire equipment and progress further through dive training
Training £150.15 Training membership is for complete novices who want to become a qualified diver. This price includes course packs, registration, pool sessions and theory lessons/exam.
*Note: You will need to purchase Sports Fed (£15.00) and BSAC Membership (£28.50).

What you get for your money

For your membership you get access to club equipment for hire, discounted compressor refills, the opportunity to progress through diving qualifications and a great programme of dive trips and socials.

The club has a RIB (rigid hulled inflatable boat), 12 full sets of dive gear, and a large gear storage hut conveniently located on-campus. As a club member you can borrow the kit. We have BCD's (stab jackets), regulators, cylinders, weights, etc... Infact we have all the expensive stuff you will need. All we ask is that you buy your own fins and mask and keep the club kit clean!

BSAC Membership

As we are a BSAC club you will also need to become a BSAC member. This gives you 3rd party insurance and club benefits including a monthly online subscription to Scuba Magazine and great discounts on the BSAC shop. You can find more about the great benefits of being a BSAC member here. We can handle your membership for you once you join the University club.

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