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Each year we train approximately 8-12 people completely new to scuba diving. Your training will start in a local pool and you will have lessons in one of the lecture rooms in the University. After a few weeks you will be experienced enough to complete your training with some open water dives. These will take place either on the South Coast or at one of the inland sites.

There is no reason why, by the end of your first term at Uni, you cannot be a BSAC Ocean Diver (the first qualification within the BSAC structure). This is an internationally recognised qualification and will allow you to dive anywhere around the world. When you join a BSAC course you will see that diving skills are taught progressively so that each new experience is built upon step by step. This gives you confidence, makes you a better diver and is a safe way of learning.

Try dives

If you would like to try scuba diving or are interested in one of our courses, take the plunge and give it a go for just £15. An instructor will take you for your dive in a local swimming pool, where you can get a small taste of scuba diving, and you'll be guaranteed a fun time and of course there are no strings attached. You can then decide to train with us. Please contact us if you're interested.


To start training with us or to join our trips it is required that you become a club member. This means that you will need to pay the club's membership fee for the year and also join BSAC.

Already Qualified Divers

If you are already qualified then we are the club for you! It doesn’t matter which dive agency you qualified with you are welcome to join us and, if you want, cross qualify to a BSAC qualification (all members of RUBSAC have to join BSAC anyway and it is a simple process to cross over). Once BSAC qualified you can train even further to a more advanced BSAC qualification. Whatever level you want to achieve we can arrange it for you, either within the club with one of our Instructors or via the extensive BSAC network.

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